"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body"
~ Richard Steele ~

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What is you PLN?

I love to learn. The problem is time. It keeps getting in my way. So, I need to limit myself on how much time I spend on the internet reading new topics and researching interested approaches that I can bring back to the classroom.

One blog that I follow is  Cool Cat Teacher because I find new gems about flattening my classroom and collaborating with others. Today Julie has put together a great package of ideas about the Ipad that I need to spend some time reviewing. I attended a meal with her while I was at ISTE and had the opportunity to ask how she was able to maintain a blog, Facebook and tweet at the same time. She said she scheduled it into her day along with other essentials like exercise. Smart woman!  I think she knows what she is doing. Time can be easily lost wandering the internet. I need to start to put this into my plan of action as well.

Another great blogger I follow is Richard Byrne.  Richard continually finds ideas and strategies for using technology. I have used many of his ideas. His posts offer ways to integrate technology into the classroom.

What I appreciate about these two bloggers is the way they organize their blogs. Yes, I love to see things in neat lists with headings. I also love it when the ideas can be applied to my classes. It is definitely a win-win situation following two exceptional educators.

If you haven't started to expand you PLN, start with just a couple of great bloggers. Try to keep it simple when you start or you will be overwhelmed by too much information.

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