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Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 2

Before I get into the "meat" of the day, I want to again thank Honeywell for making this experience extremely pleasant. I have to be honest and say that these last few days I have eaten more than I have in a long time, but I cannot resist the delicious food that is put out at each of the meals.

Every meal was a buffet

Team photo time!

Yep...missed the cue to jump :)
We started our training later for the shuttle mission. The Mission Center Complex is unbelievable. I was assigned to the Orbiter as Mission Specialist #2. Part of my responsibility was to follow the flight plan and steps that would open the payload door. Tomorrow, I will also conduct an EVA to construct ACCESS structure. I am excited about putting on the spacesuit and working on the ACCESS structure. Listening to each of the crew members and how they need to work as a team toward a successful mission is a true example of collaboration. Each member is an essential part of the mission!

Rocket Building

Presentation on using rockets in the classroom
Yes...I like my work area organized
Focused on the right colors
Finished rocket

Low Ropes Course

The low ropes course was another lesson in team building and understanding that goals cannot be met in isolation. Communication, trust and collaboration were the three words that the group determined were important for success.
Area 51

Attempting to juggle to the next person

Sometimes you need to get really close to solve the problem

Attempting to cross the "Nile"

Homer Hickam, Jr. 

Homer Hickam shared his story that was the basis for the movie October Sky. Mr. Hickam's presentation emphasized the power that a teacher has to encourage students to go after their dream and passion. 

Kate (MI), Homer Hickam and myself
A special souvenir

Ablative Shielding

The challenge was to create an ablative shield that would protect the EGGstronaut from the heat...which was a butane torch. I had my doubts when I heard that this would need to be effective for 4 minutes. 

The finished shield - doesn't look like much, but it worked

Getting ready for the test
Yes...things heated up
And the egg survived

Another amazing day. I experience and learn so many new things each day. Time to hang the flight suit up until tomorrow.

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