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Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 3

Day 3

Shuttle Mission

The first activity of the day was the shuttle mission. Rhiannin (TN) was the commander, Tessa (S. Africa) was the Pilot, Richard (KY) was Mission Specialist #1 and I was Mission Specialist #2. After entering the orbiter, the sequence of checklists and procedures began. Listening to the talk on the headset added to the excitement. "Roger, copy that!"

Crew in Orbiter - Rhiannon (TN) Tessa (S. Afrrica) Richard (KY) Sandy (WI)

Inside the orbiter  with Richard, Mission Specialist #1 (KY)
Rhiannon - Orbiter Commander (TN)
Entering the orbiter

Part of the mission was to leave the orbiter and go to the space station to assemble a structure. The moon suits were definitely hot to work in as well as slow moving. Our mission was to build a structure using metal rods and connectors. During the mission you sit in an anti-gravity chair that allows you to climb up the grid. My core workouts came in handy for this.

Climbing the wall to build the structure
Hang on or you will float off

Need teamwork to build
Ready for moonwalk with Richard (KY)

Richard and myself got the payload door shut after returning from the space station before taking off which had us concerned. Despite the fact that we landed in the trees, (Rhiannon really did fly accurately but the controls did not want to cooperate) the team had fun just working together on the simulation. I assume we did not gain any points due to laughter, but there is more to teamwork than a perfect landing.

Aviation Challenge Water Survival

This sounds scarier than it is.  The setting was designed to look like a military situation. A helicopter balanced on top of a 45 foot high drop, which was where the zipline began.

One of the challenges involved sitting inside the "mock helicopter" that sinks into the water. Your leader directs you to come out of the helicopter in a designated order to be able to swim safely to the white pole. As you are sinking, a panics begins but you are able to leave the "helicopter " safely.
Safely swimming from the "crash"

Another simulation involves gliding down a zipline into the water. you are 45 feet above the water. 

What a great view
My Zipline Ride

Hidden Universe

There was a quiet break in the day with an IMAX movie in the Spacedome Theater. What an experience as you sit back to view the universe through a new perspective.

Astronaut Simulations

The 1/6 gravity chair simulates the experience of walking on the moon.

The MAT - Multi-Axis Trainer simulates the sensation of being board a tumbling aircraft.

The simulations were something I did not want to miss. Actually, the MAT looks a lot scarier than it is...unless it continues to spin in one direction at the very end.

Lunar Base Challenge

Teams were assigned either:
  • Lunar Mining Facility
  • Medical Facility
  • Space Tourism Destination
  • Deep Space Telescope Facility
Using materials available (and a budget sheet) we developed a telescope facility. The intersting part of this was to create a creative presentation that would "sell" this Telescope Facility. My mind went back to 6th graders and we came up with a puppet show along with a new rendition of the Happy song. Thanks to Soi Chong Powell for the lyrics that the "Hubblettes sang. Kate Thompson did a beautiful poster and Liz Nelson came up with the best explanation.
The "Hubblettes"

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