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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 4


The "Eggs"prize challenged teams to build a rover and a lander for their "eggstronaut". Supplies such as water bottles, wheels, tissue paper, etc. were available to build with. The catch was that you needed to buy each of the items and the goal was to have your "egg" drop 15 feet without breaking. After the drop, the "egg" needed to roll down a hill in the rover. The team that did this successfully with the least amount of expense and went the longest distance won.

The Target

The Drop

The Rover

Lunar Mission

ECLSS - Environmental Control & Life Support System

The challenge for this experiment was to filter water that would be drinkable within a normal ph range. Options such as cheesecloth, charcoal, plastic bottles and lima beans were given as options.

Kate (MI) finishing the filtering

Pondering what to do with the green stuff

Rocket Launch

And we have liftoff... All of the rockets took to space, however, some did get caught in the trees.

So true!

A proud moment

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