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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 5

Hudson Alpha

At Hudson Alpha we were able to try out the Genome Cache which is a scaled model of genetic information found on the human chromosome. The program will create a genome walk based on the distance your have available at your school. It was a great interactive model.

Each sign displays the information

Beautiful walk

NASA Class Activities

All lessons taught at Educators @ Space Academy and lesson plans provided by the educators aligns with National Science and Math Standards  A plethora of practical resources were made available digitally.

Ed Buckbee


Honeywell knows how to do a graduation party.  The ceremony began with each team coming up and receiving their certificate for completing the course. Earlier, the team leader made sure your name tag was upside down and easy to remove. Dan Oates would shake your hand and turn your name tag around...a gesture of completing the course. Teams that won the missions were also recognized. I felt that our Team Columbus was a winner for "Team Collaboration". I was blessed to be a part of this group and learned from each one of them.

The celebration after the ceremony was definitely an event not to miss. It was held in the Saturn V museum and included tables that were decorated to the space theme. The buffet was delicious as usual and included a chocolate fountain which I visited several times. How can you resist strawberries smothered in melted chocolate? The evening was filled with laughter, dancing and fun.

The little spaceman on the books were a nice touch

What an atmosphere

Music under the shuttle

Yes, Team Columbus...you will be missed


As much as each of us wanted to get home to friends and family, it was tough leaving your team that became your "family away from home". Each member of the team brought their talents and gifts to create a fun and interesting group that was alive with joy and laughter. I am excited about the connections I made with people around the United States as well as the world. I have learned so much from each one of the team members.

Cathy (Austrailia) Sirkkau (Finland) Pat (GA)

Cathy (Australia)
Sirkkau (Finland) Who was very patient with me learning to say her name :)

Serkan (Turkey)

Mayuri (India) Beautiful outfits
Liz (S. Africa) and yes, Ebony (Ohio) is in the background

Waiting for the bus to leave

Flying home I couldn't help noticing the clouds. Yes, I was the crazy lady taking photos out of the window.

And yes, we had to go around some storm clouds. It got a little bumpy along the way.

And it is always fun to people watch on the plane, expecially the flight attendant. What fun talking with him about his bling! Fun ending to an amazing trip.
Mr. Bling

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