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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 1

Love this sign
Today was exceptional. I cannot begin to thank Honeywell for giving me the opportunity to attend Honeywell Educators @ Space Camp. Before attending Space Camp, I searched everything I could to better prepare for this experience. I read all the information telling me this would be a once in a life-time experience....and...they were right.

The entire day's scheduled challenged my thinking, engaged my curiosity and built a collaborative experience. We began by meeting our team and out team leader. The photo gives you an example of what our team leader was like. He took this photo when I asked him to take a group shot. I found it later on my phone. What an amazing guy he was to have as a leader. He brought energy and fun to the team. One of the ice breakers he asked each person, "What part of the house would they be?". That was easy for me...the foundation. I won't elaborate on my reasons, but I plan on bringing this back with me for my classroom.
Michael Kelley - Team Leader
There was a Shuttle Orientation about out first shuttle mission. Michael explained the mission and the roles. I was definitely overwhelmed by everything, but he said not to worry because it would make sense later. We filled out a form describing what roles we would like to have in the mission.
Part of the slide presentation
 After the presentation on the mission, we had a tour of the facilities.
Habitat area for students

Another view of the habitat

The tour of the Space and Rocket Center made me feel like a small child, experiencing a brand new world. I am not sure how many times I stopped to gaze at the sites. It is one thing to see something on TV, but it is another thing when you are gazing up at the immense size.

Saturn V Park and Rocket Park History: This park contained a chronological history of launch vehicles in the country. It was hard to imagine the earliest space pioneers having a vision for what was possible. Can I create this same vision in my students?

Replica of Saturn V human transport rocket designed right here in Huntsville

Inside the Saturn V Hall the history of space exploration was presented in a chronological series.

The afternoon brought Astronaut R. L.(Hoot) Gibson. I have never met an astronaut before so it was an honor to have a photo with him. His story was unbelievable to hear. He is known as "the man who has flown everything". Read over the following article and you will have to agree.

This is my amazing team Columbus
Collaboration and teamwork are critical in a space mission. As part of our goal, we need to design a "Mission Patch". Team Columbus started on ours today, but it will be continued throughout through Sunday. I think this is another activity to bring back to the students. This is the final patch that was sent to be made. I am excited to get the final one to add to my flight suit.

With each day came media photos. I really didn't mind this since I am always the one behind the camera.

For only being here one day, it felt like I experienced a week's worth. I have been challenged and invigorated. 

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