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Monday, July 4, 2016

What is Honeywell Green Bootcamp?

Honeywell is an amazing company.  I had the opportunity to attend Honeywell Green Boot Camp June 19 - 24 and learn about sustainable education with 50 other teachers from around the world.  "Thank you" is not enough to show my gratitude.  Besides all the wonderful ideas, friendships and experiences that I take with me, I left feeling valued as a teacher.  What a refreshing time!
Below is the information from the Honeywell website:
Attend Green Boot Camp and join a select group of teachers in gaining hands-on experience in teaching renewable energy and environmental responsibility, and in preparing students for the green careers of the future.
WHAT The Green Boot Camp is an intensive four-day, hands-on interactive educational experience to help educators become familiar with the latest methods of instruction to teach green and sustainable topics, methods, lessons and concepts to middle school students at their respective schools.
HOW At Green Boot Camp, you’ll be able to view sustainable educational methods from the perspective of your students. Educators will discover, examine and identify the roots of green technology, sustainable living, and environmental consciousness. These hands-on interactive lessons will provide you with experiences that you’ll be able to transfer into your own classroom. You’ll discover new concepts by using interactive exploratory projects, such as designing and building a solar house, a wind turbine and more. You’ll leave with a whole new understanding of sustainability issues and materials to help you teach what you’ve learned to your students.

I highly suggest that any teacher looking to challenge themselves professionally apply next year.

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