"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body"
~ Richard Steele ~

Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Year, New Building, New Goals

This year I celebrated 40 years of teaching. People congratulated me on this accomplishment but I hesitated slightly when saying, "thank you".  Maybe it was because I never look at my job as a chore. I admit, I do get tired at times and feel as if time is my enemy, but some of that is caused by my own choices.   I did have to stop and ask myself, "What have I accomplished in 40 years?" Was I satisfied with how I used this amount of time that was given? I could list accomplishments, presentations, or awards but is that really the heart of teaching? Not really...  Teaching is about the students and I wouldn't hesitate to say that they are at the center of my classroom.

 This is a year of reflection, evaluation, and goal setting. In class, students set goals and I personally find that it is helpful for myself as well. So, for this year...

Goals for 2016-17

1. Continue to grow and learn through professional books/resources and collaborative online communities. There are so many opportunities to grow through the expertise of others.

2. Conference and meet with students more.  I hope to create more flipped videos to meet the needs of students so that I have the opportunity to conference more during workshop times.

3. Expand on the global opportunities that students will have each week.  How can I connect my class with students around the world or experts in the field?

This year has been a challenging beginning with the move to a new building but I look forward to creating a positive environment for students to grow and develop as learners.

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