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Friday, October 14, 2016

Global Connections

Global connections are an important part of being a digital citizen.  Students need real-life experiences to practice positive digital citizenship.

I am always on the look-out for new opportunities. Some of our current connections include:

  • Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants - This website offers science and social studies related experiences. Often we have been able to get a camera spot and ask questions. The Google hangout is recorded so parents and students can find out what happened and was discussed.
  • Mystery Skypes: Teachers have been doing mystery Skypes for quite a while. These encourage students to problem-solve while practicing their geography skills. At the end of a mystery Skype, schools can share out about their city and school.
  • Global Read Aloud: The GRA is an excellent opportunity to connect with other schools while reading a novel. Pernille Ripp had a vision to connect schools and it has grown yearly.  Teachers can do as much as they want globally with other classes, but the best part is the resources you gain from others.
  • Global Monster Project: The Global Monster Project is for K-6 classes. Classes write descriptions for various monster parts which are shared.  From there, the classes design and build monsters based on this description.  Monsters come from Russia to Great Britain.  
  • Kidlink: Presently, we are doing a project for "Describe Myself, You Will Draw Me". This project emphasizes descriptive writing skills. Descriptions are shared with another school and partners need to draw each other based on this description.
Ripon, Wi is a small community of 7,733 so meaningful global connections are important for cultural awareness as well as a real-world audience for speaking and writing.  Global activities offer an opportunity to teach students about digital citizenship and apply what they have learned.  

Global Connections this Year

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